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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 10, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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in three counties.
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smoke across the bay causing health advisories in three counties counties and tonight crews have not put out the flames. i'm ama dates. the fire began at simms metal management on seaport boulevard in redwood city. the smoke was so thick there were health warnings across three counties, san mateo, santa clara and alameda county. sergio is live with the latest on this developing story. sergio? >> ama, this fire has been burning now for nine hours. in that time it has continued to pump thick, black smoke into the sky. you can see tonight the fire is still burning. right now the plume has dissipated somewhat though in the last hour or so.
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the fire crews say they quickly got it contained, but it has not been easy to put the fire out. thick, black smoke climbs into the dark sky. for hours crews were dousing the flames, but it was tough to get to the root of the fire. >> it is crush cars, recycled metals and other types of industrial recycled equipment. >> and it is tough to get to the fire itself? >> correct because it is deep seeded and that's why they are breaking it up jie. in these pictures tweeted by the redwood city fire department you can see the stacked cars and the smoke rising behind them. this is not the first time the crews have been to simms metal recycling. >> this is probably the largest. the other fires were similar. >> the fire started at 1:30 and quickly spewed inky black smoke into the sky. ryan ward spotted the fire as he was leaving a store in san carlos. >> it was really black.
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i figured it was fire in redwood city. we came and investigated and to see what was going on. we noticed that there was a lot of smoke. >> they #wr immediately issued in redwood city and then were quickly expanded. >> it is an industrial operation and that's why the shelters were in place for san mateo con -- county and alameda county. >> health officials have been on scene to monitor air quality. >> and the crews do not have a cause for this fire. they tell me they will not begin that investigation until it is completely out. the fire marshall tells me there is a pretty good chance it will continue burning when the sun comes up. reporting live in redwood city, abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. a similar fire broke out in 2007. that fire started at the bottom of a 30-foot pile of
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flattened cars. the shelter in place order was issued. just last year the environmental protection agency issued an enforcement order against simms accusing them of polluting the bay and lead, mercury and other toxins. and now to leigh glaser with a look at where the winds are carrying the smoke. >> here is a quick look at the winds and most locations are reporting almost calm conditions. i know toward redwood city in the last 15, 20 minutes they have been reporting winds out of the north, northwest at two miles an hour. we will take you down to almost street level. you can see where seaport is and where the industrial fire is taking place. the wind is carrying the smoke plume from northwest to the southeast and you can even see some of the communities that could be affected even as far south as sunnyvale, san jose, mill pea disand -- mill pea
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disand even toward fremont. i can tell thought air quality readings have improved in the last four hours as they are trying to put out the flames of that fire. >> leigh, thank you. turning now to the devastating typhoon which is now a tropical storm. haiyan has made landfall in vietnam and bringing with it 74 mile per hour winds. in the philippines, a state of emergency or mar marshall law could be declared. the death toll is rising. thousands are feared dead. abc news reporter larry jacobs has the latest. >> a team of 90 u.s. marines is on the ground in the philippines providing search and rescue assistance and bringing supplies to a country that needs so much of everything. the fer ferocious winds had surges that destroyed roads, bridges and homes across a wide swath of the central philippines. phone lines are down and power is out. hundreds of thousands are
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thronging the relief center. >> we need shelter, food, lights. >> aircraft are bringing in supplies. soldiers are carrying injured residents to planes along with the elderly, evacuating them from what looks like a war zone. but it is not enough. the suffering is on a massive scale. the super typhoon turning life into misery for four million people. >> the grim job of recovering the bodies of countless victims. the death toll is expected to be in the many thousands, but admits a tide of human suffering a ray of home. 21-year-old emily ortega went into labor in the damaged tower. she is fortunate. a doctor is there to help placing the newborn baby on the woman's stomach. larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> a massive relief effort is
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underway and much of the help is coming from here in the bay area. lilian kim is live in the newsroom with that part of the story. lilian? >> ama, many people we have talked to say we have had difficulty reaching loved ones and they are getting bits and pieces. one way of dealing with the frustration is keeping busy and doing what they can to help. >> a small and determined group of philippine though-americans were in the market pleading for help. they are members of the filipino community center and for them reaching out is better than watching the devastation on television. >> the communication lines are down. there is no way to get into the other areas. so for us being so far away and as much as we want to help this is our way of helping. >> farther south in san bruno another relief effort for victims of the typhoon. food donations were accepted in place of cash. the collection boxes were full
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after two hours. >> i brought by some noodles and canned food 1k3* toothbrushes and rice and little samples of soap. >> at the first filipino-american church the congregation is relying on the power of prayer as well as donations. the green basket was placed at the front of the sanctuary where every member gave what they could. >> we are going to let the people in the philippines know that there is some assistance that comes from this church and we are glad to help them in anyway we can. >> an outpouring of support filipino americans expect will last as long as there is a need. lilian kim, abc news. >> we will have the latest on the res -- rescue and relief iforts from 4:30 until 7:00 on the morning news. our coverage continues now on and on twitter. follow us at abc7 news bay area. a fundraiser was held
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benefiting a nonprofit aimed at stoping abuse against children. the founder is the south bay man accused of attacking a jesuit priest that lynch says molested him and his brother more than three decades ago. a santa clara county jury acquitted lynch of the assault charges last year. >> politics are involved, money, religion, it is all on the way. i am trying to break that down and bring back power to the people. >> lynch says he will work on a ballot initiative that would repeal civil and criminal statute outs of limitations on sex crimes against children. new at 11:00, veterans day is tomorrow and tonight a bay area pearl harbor survivor is hoping for the return of a very special cane. a few years ago 90-year-old richard branch needed help to get around. he had a special commemorative cane in honor of pearl harbor survivors. the cane features a bronze
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american eagle clutching a bomb in his talons. he lost it a month ago. >> he walked around and looked everywhere for it. my mother, the same thing. they kept looking in the same spots thinking it would be there. it was a sad moment. >> steve found a similar cane on ebay and went ahead and bought it. it is scheduled to arrive thursday in case the original doesn't show up. san francisco joined thousands of communities today in holding its annual veterans day parade. for the 94th time drill teams classic cars and elected officials made their way down market street. more than 90 tons of pre packaged salads are being recalled by glass onion catering because of e-coli contamination. it affects products with chicken or ham. the products were produced between september 23rd and november 6th.
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still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, do you know what your kids are seeing on-line? michael finney takes a closer look at the apps you may not even know your kids are using. and a dead satellite comes crashing back to earth, but where did the pieces land? and later -- >> how our teammates communicate is vulgar. it is not right. >> the nfl guard accused of bullying a teammate shares his side of the story. tonight, why so many are (nervous) (screaming) "never again grace elizabeth" life insurance from new york life can help your family
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keep good going.
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nearly impossible to keep up with what their kids are doing on-line, especially on social networks. 7 on your side's michael finney has a rn whatting about what kids are doing on-line and the potential risks they face. >> last year i reported about what was on your teen's smart phone that you didn't know about. well i figured it would be time to update the story because social media changes quickly. >> instagram, vine, facebook. >> these websites and mobile app rtz ones most parents know about. but there are more parents don't know about, but they might set off alarm bells. for instance, ask .fm is a lesser known website and app for iphone and android users. it is a social site where people can ask questions anonymously and then receive the answers anonymously. everything from what kind of movies do you like to ask me what celeb you want naked and
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i post a pic. to sign up, you only need to be 13 years old. the nonprofit organization common sense media provides age-based ratings of social media sites. it gave ask .fm very low marks for positive messages. she is the director of digital media. >> the issue is you get answers that are hurtful. >> she 15 years old. >> have i a friend who asked a question and then got a response she wasn't wanting and it made her feel bad about herself. >> ask .fm says they have the option who can ask anonymously, but they say millions are asked every day by those who use their names. omegal is a popular chat room and here too users only have to be 13 years old to sign on. >> you don't know how old they are. you don't know where they are
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located. you don't know if they are male or female. >> their tag line is users can talk to strangers on its site. the company states when you use omegle we pick somebody else at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with somebody. you are kept anonymous unless you want to tell somebody your personal information. they write safety is important and you can stop a chat at anytime. raphael is from dixon and tried it a few times. >> i remember going on it in seventh grade or something like that. there is some perverted stuff on there. >> there are several apps kids use to find dates. tinder is a popular one. tyler warren and his friends use this app frequently and say they love it. >> because you can meet all sorts of girls your age on oin oin -- on tinder. >> it is set up like a game and pulls information from profiles. >> left wouldn't and right
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would. they see yours and if they like you swipe right. if you both swiped right it will start a conversation. >> like the others you only have to be 13 years old to sign up for tinder. however, tinder says only 6% of their users are between 13 and 17, and they do not target minors. here is my advice, when reviewing apps and websites that your kids use, ask yourself these questions. do they want your full name? do they want access to your location? do they want to know your birthday? it could be shared with the public. and look forsythes with -- for sites with paid moderators. that means there is something watching and potentially reporting poor behavior. and finally is there a way on the site to report inappropriate interactions. in 2015 a new law goes into effect that -- that makes
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people take down negative postings on minors. 7 on your side. now time for a check on weather. >> live doppler 7hd has low clouds and fog off the coast. and making its way a little further inland overnight. you can see it banking up near . -- point reyes. you can see the high and midlevel clouds. this is associated with a weak cold front. i know it doesn't look so weak from the cloud satellite photo there, but it is and it will bring parts of the bay area a little light rain early tuesday morning. we see a beautiful sky and a beautiful shot from coit tower. 49 in los gatos and another live shot from the sutro cam looking toward downtown san francisco. temperature wise already 39 degrees in santa rosa. they are reporting some clear skies, but the temperature will probably come up by tomorrow morning as the clouds will start to be on the increase there. concord at 48 degrees.
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here is a look at our forecast highlights. we will look are to the fog to reform overnight. once again a chance of some rain mainly north of the golden gate bridge by tuesday morning. beyond that folks the dry and mild weather pattern will setback up for the latter part of the workweek. the lows tonight generally in the mid to low 40s in the north bay and maybe an upper 30 here and there. the rest of the bay area look for temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. here is the set up. this is the cold front and it is getting enhanced here in the tail end of it. it will increase our clouds tomorrow and the tail end will move across the north bay bringing folks a slight chance of a little light rain as you head into your early tuesday morning commute. in fact, we went ahead and took a look at the forecast animation mod dill. model. beginning at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon increasing clouds throughout the day on monday. check out tuesday. this is 2:00 a.m. you can see the leading edge
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of the moisture moving in. 5:00 a.m. commute time on tuesday, the rain line is heading down from ukiah and down to about cloverdale. it gets hung up in the north bay. this is where the best chance of seeing light precipitation will be. this is 11:00 a.m. on tuesday. still a little light rain. and then after that it is out of here. it just moves on out toward the east and dissipates. highs tomorrow 63 san francisco and 68 out toward antioch. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, remember just a slight chance north of the golden gate bridge of rain on tuesday morning. then we will clear things out and warm things up wednesday, thursday and friday. the dry weather pattern will continue after that. >> thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports. it is a tough day at candlestick. >> carolina will hold them to under 100 yards in the airways. colin kaepernick was playing dodge ball in the pocket or throwing game ending ♪
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racked up 151 total yards today in their loss to carolina. really? he threw for 91 and was sacked six times in the defensive battle. jim harbaugh may have had a better passing rate than his quarterback. niners dropping like flies. done for the day and his status uncertain. 9-0 san francisco and late second quarter and carolina gets on the board. williams inside handoff. could somebody tackle him please? it is a 9-7 game. a miss from 48 yards in the third and splits the upright. panthers take a 10-9 lead.
11:25 pm
he strips stewart, but the panthers would recover. niners get one last shot. picked sov by florence -- picked off by florence. they gave up six sacks. coach harbaugh talked about his quarterback afterwards. >> he didn't get the job done as a team. we will bounce back and come storming back. >> we have to execute and come back stronger. it ain't nothing we can't fix. we have to finish plays. >> normally we would bring you vernon's view, but he suffered a concussion and by league rules players cannot speak to the media after being diagnosed with a head injury. we will know more tomorrow and hope to bring you vernon's view next week from new orleans. of course coming up, our plays
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raiders are improving, but it is one step forward, two steps back. they were blown out at home by the eagles and then they had the giants on the road and let them off the hook. he steps in front of the eli manning pass and it was a pick six. 17-14 raiders at the half. now 20-14. he misses the tackle on thomas who is brought down at the oakland five. 122 yards and this interception. it leads to this brown touchdown 21-20 giants and three and a half to play. the giants recover and game over and 24-20 the final. the raiders fall to 3-6. despite a bad showing, we have your plays of the day.
11:30 pm
the one handed tap dance and the niners with the victory. the franchise record with 625 total yards. 40 first downs and their win over the cowboys. touchdown of the day. the bengals down and the hail mary and prayer answered into the hands of aj green. the ravens win in ot20-17. deep to deshawn jackson. eagles win it 27-13. colts annihilated by the rams 38-8. there was this 98-yard punt return and a total of 301 yards. and better late than they ever the jack conville jaguars -- jacksonville jaguars get their first win of the season. the 21-yard fumble recovery 1k3* he went to the first ever game as a head coach and those are your plays of the day. a little hockey.
11:31 pm
tied at three and no look between the legs pass. boil's second of the game and that was a sweet pass. 4-3 sharks. every time san jose scored winnipeg answered. he ties it at four. late in the game. and for the third time the sharks go to a shootout and he scores the only goal and sharks lose their fifth straight. the abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up, terrell owens, the hahn rear -- the honorary captain will go one on one with yours truly. just ahead, the bad boy of the nfl defends his actions. what he is saying about the bullying can disel. scandal. and dangerous binge drinking sending students to the hospital. dan noyes has been investigating the problem and how it is not just affecting college kids. stay with us. we will be right back
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, haiyan made land. the death toll is expected to climb into the thousands. smoke is still rising from a scrap metal fire in redwood city tonight. the fire crews brought the fire under control, but it is not expected to be out until tomorrow. an air quality alert is still in affect across three bay area counties. the nation pauses to remember our veterans tomorrow. president obama will participate in a wreath laying ceremony at arlington national seem tore and he will meet for a private breakfast. more now on the growing controversy in the nfl bullying scandal.
11:36 pm
richie incognito shared his side of the story with jay glaze. the two are friends and have a business relationship which calls into question the objectivity of the interviewer. >> you can ask anybody in the locker room who had john martin's back undoubtedly most, and they will tell you me. >> the suspended player admits to calling martin the n-word and leaving this voicemail message, going to slap your real mother across the face, laughter. when i see you i will kill you. >> when i hear that i am embarrassed by my actions. but the way jonathon and the rest of the offensive line communicate is vulgar. it is not right. >> how do you expect anybody to believe you are not a racist? >> it sounds like i am a racist pig and a meat head. i am not a racist. to judge me by that one word is wrong.
11:37 pm
>> incognito was on the offensive saying martin once threatened to kill his family in a text message, but dismissed it as locker room culture. they exchanged more than 1100 text messages. incognito describes the last text message four days after he left the team. >> he said i don't blame you guys, i blame some stuff in the locker room. i blame the culture. i blame what was going on around me. >> and adding. >> this is not an issue of bullying. this is an issue of my and john's relationship. >> incognito said he would apologize to martin and his family if he thought his behavior was malicious. abc news, new york. >> and take a look. shortly after the interview martin's attorney, david corn well, tweeted what he said was the text incognito mentioned he received from martin with the words. you decide. >> and a state law giving a repeal. the coalition of conservative
11:38 pm
group says it collected enough signatures for an initiative that would repeal the law. it allows transgender students to choose which rest -- restroom they want to use. investigators in oregon tonight are looking into the mauling death at a big cat sanctuary. 36-year-old renee seen here in an earlier story about the sanctuary was attacked and killed by a cougar last night. the wild cat haven is so remote it is even dangerous for rescuers. diana hanson was killed by a lion at central park, california. the demolition of the eastern span of the bay bridge is expected to begin on tuesday. the first stage involves removing 14 feet of the upper deck section. it will take three years and cost $240 million. tonight a global search is underway for the spot where
11:39 pm
the european space satellite crashed. it burned up in the process, but early estimates suggest any debris could have fallen in the waters of the western pacific. a ground station in antarctica was the last to have contact with the satellite. still to come, drinking in college is nothing new. but it is not just affecting college kids. how it may put you in danger. >> and parts of the bay area will see a little light rain beginning tomorrow night. already seeing some very dense fog in the north bay. we will check out the accu-weather seven-day
11:40 pm
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community colleges will vote on tuesday on a new tuition requirement. those who pay reduced or no tuition will be asked to maintain a c average. about 40% of the state's community college students participate in the program. in berkeley so many cal students are getting drunk they have to go to the hospital. and it is putting a strain on emergency services for the entire city. dan noyes has the exclusive i team investigation. you. >> medical emergency. >> the start of the school year caught officials, campus police and city fire by surprise. never before in one night have so many students gotten so
11:43 pm
drunk they needed an ambulance to take them to the hospital. >> berkeley one, engine 5, we need an ambulance for a patient. >> reports and dispatch recordings under the california public records act tell the story sunday night, august 25th. the calls came in from frat houses, sororities 1k3* dorms. >> 20-year-old male etoh. >> that's shorthand for ethol alcohol. it is something in danger of alcohol poisoning. >> we had like 18 calls. it was a range of concern because the ambulances we have are limited. they were taking all of the cities at capacity. gite seven fire -- gite seven fire engines had to call for miewch all -- mutual aide. >> as we would respond one group to the campus for one patient, another call would
11:44 pm
come in. >> at 1:37 that morning a crew notes the extremely high call volume causing delays in the transport. a fire truck was there, but they had to wait 20 minutes for the ambulance to take them to the hospital. >> in reality if that was somebody having a heart attack or stroke, those 20 minutes are key to the survival. >> that night put a huge strain on the nearest hospital. >> it was full of drunk students so the ambulance had to be diverted to the other hospitals. >> what we have experienced is that people are drinking more. >> she heads the treatment program and works with cal students. >> it is not unlikely to assess a client here. i have my people assess the client. i took 11 shots in one minute. >> your system can't handle that. >> we wanted to find out what was happening at the cal campus. >> but they refused to approve a ride along with one of the crews.
11:45 pm
weekend after weekend they monitored and dispatched to the team. we found the students being lugged out of the frat houses. and the dorms. a barf bib placed over their head to keep them from being sprayed and off to the hospital. it is such a sensitive issue they would not allow us to interview anyone on what they had seen on the cal campus. but one is stepping forward and not showing his face for fear of reprisal. >> if my kid was going this college i would be really, really concerned. especially if it is a young woman. >> has sexual assault become an issue? >> absolutely. we stopped three or four guys trying to carry a young woman who was unconscious out of the party. when we confronted the
11:46 pm
gentleman he admitted he didn't even know her. who knows what his intentions were. >> cal has done little to stop the binge drinking. even though campus police accompany fire crews on the calls they rarely write citations. >> you say police officers instructed you not to site the kids for underage drinking? >> we had self-police officers tell us from the uc system. >> a spokesman sent an e-mail telling them not to cite students. but look at the numbers. we identified 107 drunk cal students transported to the hospital since the start of this school year. the majority are underage you. how many did they site in the same time period? two. they say they can't site them if they don't see them drinking and if they don't cover the sororities because they are technically off campus, but there were plenty of calls from the campus housing. >> the fact the numbers are
11:47 pm
going up is in fact possible evidence that we are making a difference. >> when we called for an interview, uc berkeley steered us to the manager of the party safe at cal program. they say it is up over the past three years, but she says that's because of better education. the students are urged to call 9-1-1 if they see a friend in trouble. the message is reinforced on pamphlets passed out at football games. >> talking about recovery position after somebody is passed out after drinking. >> but she admits there is much more work to do. she urged them not to over serve their guests and perhaps the drinking culture can change. >> dan noyes, abc7 news. >> one solution to take the pressure off the hospital, some schools keep the staff on
11:48 pm
party nights. now to leigh glaser. >> and one last look at live doppler 7hd and we are seeing the low clouds and fog near the coast, but this is the cold front. it looks impressive now, but as it moves across the north bay on tuesday morning it looks like it will pretty much fall apart. we have reports santa rosa three quarters of a mile. napa just in the last hour was down to two miles and now it has been up to five miles. zero visibility in some locations in novato. the fog is just moving around. be careful. you you will probably see some floit delays tomorrow morning. chicago will be cold and atlanta 66 and 73 for dallas and around our state we will look for los angeles 77 and 62 in monterey. you can see the line of moisture and that will move into extreme north bay communities overnight on
11:49 pm
monday night and early tuesday morning with a slight chances of a few light rain showers. after that get ready for a dry and mild week on wednesday, thursday and friday. >> thank you, leigh. >> and shu is here with sports and there was a special guest at candlestick. >> there was. it is the final games before they the place up. and terrell owens was back in for the honorary captain. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know?
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coming back to where it all started and terrell owens, the second all time leading receiver was the honorary captain at the stick and he told me, there is no place like home. >> it has been 10 years since we have been back. just driving up to the stadium and it brought back a lot of memories. >> it has to be cool because some of the people remember you. they are all saying hello. somebody is feeling it when you are out of the game. you. >> it is always good to see familiar faces. they were still working and man i said it is like a home away from home. it is always good to come back to your environment and see what the 49ers are doing this year.
11:53 pm
>> we played it again last night and knowing you will be honorary captain. >> i haven't seen it too much, but it is good for the fans. top 10 plays means a lot to me and to our team at that time. >> you are going from an oval ball to a round ball i understand and trying to get on the pro bowler tour. you have done it your whole life so how it that going? >> it is fun and competitive. it is not like going to a house lane and bowling on the normal surface. >> heads or tales, what are you calling today? >> i won't tell you, but i know what i will choose. >> all right. great to talk to t.o. and great to see him back at the stick. the defensive star at candlestick 9ers and panthers. it is a 9-0 lead on three field goals. they get on the board before
11:54 pm
deangelo williams makes it 9-7. early fourth quarter and from 53 yards. they take a 10-9 lead. he strips stewart midfield and the panthers recover. they get one last shot. kaepernick picked off by florence. 10-9 the final. 2 of 13 on third downs. the five-game win streak is over. bowman told me the defense can only do so much. >> we have a defense that can't control anything on the other side of the ball. that's the stressful part of having a good game. you can't control the other side. it is a tough loss for us. >> we endured. we believed in the coach and who we are and executing and we finished. >> the raiders can't get out of their own way. they are young and learning as they go. they were unable to knock them out.
11:55 pm
picking it up late in the second quarter. tracy porter steps in front of the eli manning pass. 43 yards and silver and black at the quarter. he throws the 10th pick of the season. he is finally tackled. 122 yards and it leads to an andre brown score. 21-20 giants. the raiders down 4. the giants will recover. the raiders fall to 3-6. and they are getting off to their best start in history. kicking off a five-game road trip and the muppets are in the house. they are 3-3 in the third. look at this pass. no look between the legs to dan boyle. is that sweet or what? every time they score winnipeg answers. late in the game and for the
11:56 pm
third time in the last four games a shootout. the same results. women's hoops and they are hosting their pac-12 banners and the bears are hosting duke. britney boyd finished with 13, but in the second half chelsea gray, the rainbow three and she had 22. bears fall 70-58. nascar sprint cup series. welcome home, dad. two-man race for the cup and a 25-second pitstop and finished 23rd. carl edwards runs out of gas. jimmie johnson finished third and basically locking up his 6th title. the final round of the turkish airline opens. tiger woods fires a 67 and good enough to be tied for third, but not enough to catch victor.
11:57 pm
this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. we hope to have on date on vernon davis' situation. he said he felt okay, but we will talk to him tomorrow. >> thank you, shu. and thank you for joining us. thankabc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. good night.
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when ouwe goword. she said hert (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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